Decision Day is May 1st!

Posted: April 1, 2016

Now that the acceptance euphoria has died down, you still have a couple tasks to do:
  1. ​Visit any schools who have accepted you, if you haven't been there already. You may fall in love with a campus you haven't seen yet.
  2. Check out those financial aid packages and run some numbers. Don't forget to figure opportunity cost if you're looking at a school with a high 4-year graduation rate vs a low one. (If you need help with this, let me know.)
  3. Made your decision? Be sure to tell your high school counselor, your private counselor if you have one, and all colleges you will be turning down. It's hard to break up with a college, but the sooner you say no thanks, the sooner they can say yes to someone on their waitlist.
  4. Do not send in a deposit at more than one school! This is just bad form. You can only physically show up on one campus in the fall, and it's just not fair to save yourself a space you can't use that can go to someone else.
  5. If you're on a waitlist (or several), you should still deposit at your favorite accepted school. Most colleges accept 10% or fewer of their waitlisted applicants. Make sure you have a place to go next fall in case the stars don't align. You can always decline later if you end up making it off the waitlist.
  6. Wear your new school's tshirt, join your Class of 2020 Facebook group and make a reservation for orientation because you're going to college, baby!

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