Lessa has been a great tutor! She's helping me formulate my average writing into extraordinary writing!

A. - Student

Lessa Scherrer helped me find a college that was affordable for my family and still a college that I would enjoy the next four years at. She did everything she could to help me on my confusing college search journey. I am grateful she was there to guide me in the right direction!

A.W. - student

I can't believe you got through so much information in such an entertaining way!

Audience member in Louisville, KY - Presentation Attendee

Thank you very much for your help with the college admissions process. I wouldn't be where I am without your help.

C. - Student

My son was one who knew he wanted to go to college, but didn't know where, or what to study. I learned of Lessa's offerings and can't thank her enough for her ability to relate to him really help. He was able to narrow his focus and apply to the schools that "fit" with him. Four applications and counting -- three acceptances and one deferment at a Top 10 school nationwide. I only wish we'd found her during his sophomore or junior year!

Chris - parent

"My son and I were admittedly both a little overwhelmed with the prospect of his writing three essays for an early decision college application. Lessa really helped him first to brainstorm and then outline exactly what he wanted to say. She later gave my son valuable feedback on his essays, and in a timely manner when he was approaching submission deadline. With Lessa's aid, he was admitted to a selective liberal arts college which was his first choice. Thanks, Lessa!"

Christine - Parent

 "The college search is extremely exciting and stressful at the same time. Please, if there is one thing you do in your college search process, let it be to consult with Your College Your Way™​ counselor Lessa Scherrer on your student’s college application process.
We know:​​

  1. They are all grown up and do not need or want our suggestions on their essays or where to apply or attend college. Plus, as family members, we have zero credibility and even less objectivity where this sensitive subject is concerned. It is extremely helpful to have an outside, objective expert from whom your student more willingly takes suggestions.
  2. The college search process is becoming more and more competitive with the emphasis in national education policy on all students being college ready and taking ACT or SAT as measures of student performance.  It’s only going to become more competitive. You need this little edge.
  3. No matter how much you think you know about the college and scholarship application process, there is always more to learn and it is ever changing.
  4. No matter how much you think your student (child) is going to do to follow up on this, they will need some reminders, some encouragement, some suggestions. If said reminders come from parents, they may be deleted from the email or text messages. Please don’t try to talk to them about college. They need their independence at this time.
  5. Did I mention yet, that since the kids are now grown adults, we now know nothing or next to nothing about everything?
     But seriously, Your College Your Way college search expert, Lessa Scherrer has been there through the process to guide, to support, to inform and to educate. As a parent, I cannot imagine having done this without her support.
     The college decision, search process and scholarship process is such a high stakes process. The rest of a young person’s life can be contingent upon their success in this process. There is so much riding on this. Your College Your Way™​ is the perfect way and the perfect support for this process to ensure success for your young person." 

Connie - Parent

Lessa is very knowledgeable in the preparation for college, scholarships and guiding you through this process. She helps you early on in high school to make the right decisions to lead you on your path to success.

Jennifer - parent

Just want to say Lessa was very helpful to my daughter and myself navigating the murky waters of colleges and scholarships. Plus, she has been willing to answer any questions I have had during the process. Well worth it!"

Jim - Parent

"I wanted to really thank you for all your help with B. You are a wonderful mentor for her and you provided amazing support in so many ways! I am very grateful we met you and your services you offer! B has accepted to Winona State and talking with her potential roommate! She is looking a tiny bit more forward to college due to all the support she has had from you and her teachers. Thank you and You definitely "Go Make a Difference" everyday!"

Kerrie - Parent

Everyone wants to showcase their abilities in a compelling way. Lessa offers practical and useful insights.

Lee Ellen - Parent

"Even though San Francisco has as many college advisors as attorneys, I chose Lessa Scherrer for her common sense approach to the college selection process. Due to her work with Mensa, she is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of the underperforming gifted student and knows a lot about special college programs and accommodations for kids with learning differences like ADD.
But the most important part is how well she gets along with the kids. My daughter flat-out refused to talk to me about applying to colleges, much less a stranger I had hired to “handle” her. Within an hour, Lessa had her interested and willing to chat. That talk went on for three hours. Now my daughter asks if she can contact Lessa with questions!
Hiring Lessa Scherrer will make your child’s college application process so much easier for them and for you."

Maria - Parent

After 20 years, I am going back to school to obtain a Masters in Nursing. I knew what I wanted to do and remember how it use to be. However, technology continues to assist and remodel how information is shared, applications are submitted, and scholarships are available and attained. I heard about Your College Your Way and knew I had to meet to find out what I didn't know. I had a one hour meeting at the Fairfax location, which was comfortable, had working space, a table to spread out, internet for searching, and Lessa's friendly face and demeanor. I had questions regarding student loans, terminology, logistics, scholarships, funding, school supplies, what to wear, and then I asked, "What else do I need to know?" I was provided with information on all my questions with URL sites, local financial institutions, printed scholarship application information for the Nurses' Corp Loan Replacement, and details for a plan for me to reach my goals. The information was honest, detailed, and personally directed, which made me comfortable. Since the initial meeting, I have had further questions, I corresponded by email (as this is a means that works very well for me.) The response was within 36 hours! I had my answer and could assimilate and refer back and continue with the details of arranging funding for school. I truly feel Your college Your Way is an essential tool for all students attending further education because of the knowledge, expertise, and personal approach, Lessa Scherrer can offer. Her ability to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety about this process is notable from my experience! Thank Your College you Way! I am doing just that with your help, guidance, and support!
Accepted Vanderbilt University School Of Nursing Masters Student 2018

Mary - Client

I'm incredibly grateful for the time and energy you spent helping me present my "best self" in a complex and competitive college admissions process.

S. - Student

I got my first decision this past weekend...and I got into UC Berkeley's school of engineering!!  I love UC Berkeley and I'm so excited!! I was SHOCKED to have received a decision from them so early. I feel so relieved now."

T. - Student

Thank you for helping my daughter with the requirements of her master's program. It was a great way to help keep us organized through the process.

Turi - parent