Find Your School

Virtual Tours

The first place you should go for a virtual campus tour is the school's website. Sometimes you have to enter "virtual tour" into the search bar to find it, but the tour on the school's site gives you the experience they want you to see. will also link you to the school's virtual tour.

eCampusTours: Part virtual tours, part college search website, features tours of over 1300 campuses.

YouVisit: 360° panoramas of campus buildings, most with explanatory text or an audio tour.

CollegeClickTV: 60 second interviews with students on a variety of topics. The videos are minimally searchable but once you find your school, they can give you a good idea of campus feel and culture. Also offers a comparison tool and some Top 5 lists.

YOUniversityTV: Travel show-style, slickly-produced video campus tours. A great place to begin learning about a school.

Finding a major

Finding a major is one of the more difficult decisions for a new college student to make. Most colleges will let you be "undecided" for a semester or a year, but the sooner you declare a major and start working on the required courses, the sooner you can graduate. The Career Center at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington offers "What Can I Do With a Major In...?" a site which breaks down the most popular majors, describing them, the skills you will graduate with and what careers are possible with that major. It's a great resource for the undecided!

College Search Websites

Big Future: Search all colleges with The College Board's Database. Lots of helpful videos and articles about college, too. My first choice for creating a college list. Be as specific or as vague as you want.

College Choice: Dr. Steven R. Antonoff's forms and quizzes help you decide what you're looking for. A great place to start!

College Week Live: Live Chat with University Admissions Officers

NACAC: The National Association of College Admission Counselors provides guidance for high schoolers year-by-year.

Cappex: An almost overwhelming amount of information on colleges, includes a scattergram to show where you might fit. Cappex is not my first choice for creating a college list, but they do have the best merit aid search site on the web.

College Green Light: Suggests colleges and scholarships based on your profile, with nifty tools to sort and save your choices.

Unigo: College profiles with quick snapshots, more in-depth information and student reviews. Be aware reviews represent one person's opinion, so may not be accurate for you.

The College Peers Tool: New from the Chronicle of Higher Education, "Who Does Your College Think It's Peers Are?" gives you a searchable database of most schools, allowing you to quickly identify less-well-known matches to your college search.

CollegeXpress: Looking for an unusual college major, like 3-2 engineering or underwater basket-weaving? CollegeXpress's list of major may be your best bet.

Students looking for online programs should check out for a huge number of resources, including breakdowns of available programs by state and by major.