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Applying to college is hard enough. You need access to easy-to-use, professional tools to help your student succeed. You've come to the right place!
The philosophy behind Your College Your Way is that the traditional academic path--graduating at 18 to four-years-and-football--does not fit everyone. Your perfect fit college might offer only one class at a time, or accept you after 8th grade, or even be a gap year in Guatemala. Either way, we can prepare you to be a successful college student.

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  • Find and focus on schools that will maximize admission chances and scholarship money.

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  • Craft a resume/activity list that makes you shine.

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  • Learn what you should not write in your essays and how to deal with difficult subjects.

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  • Take college conflict off the dinner table and leave the nagging to me.

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  • Meet all the incremental deadlines leading up to application submissions.

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Client Testimonials

  • I got my first decision this past weekend...and I got into UC Berkeley's school of engineering!!  I love UC Berkeley and I'm so…

    T. Student
  • Thank you for helping my daughter with the requirements of her…

    Turi parent
  • After 20 years, I am going back to school to obtain a Masters in Nursing. I knew what I wanted to do and remember how it use to be. However…

    Mary Client
  • Connie Parent
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    19 Nov, 2018

    Kids and Social Media doesn’t have to be the big, bad wolf. Here's how it can actually increase the likelyhood of your child getting accepted into…

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    19 Nov, 2018

    RT @GiftedUnity: Just because you're not getting straight As doesn't mean you're not gifted. Reminder to all fellow gifted students #gifted…

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    18 Nov, 2018

    If you have a teenager at home, you may, like many parents, be praying to survive these tumultuous years. I [...]

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    FROM THE BLOG7 Aug, 2018

    What Are Some Examples of Cliché College Essay Topics

    Unfortunately, many students choose to write their college essays on the same few, tired topics. Please avoid these! How I won the big game (or “how I lost the big game and then worked and worked and worked on my skills… Read More
    19 Nov, 2018

    RT @samuel_zwickel: The Harvard College admissions office is offering special accommodations to California applicants affected by the catas…

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